Freshwater Conservation and WASH Integration Guidelines: A Framework for Implementation in sub-Saharan Africa

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Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) have traditionally been seen as incompatible with biodiversity conservation. But this perception has been sustained by the lack of a comprehensive approach to integrating the two sectors, not because of insurmountable factors. A coalition of ten NGO's have signed their names to a joint statement expressing their commitment to bridge gaps in establishing technical programs, investing in watershed protection, policy development and advocacy (including a paradigm shift of the conventional funding model), and awareness raising on integration.

This report provides guidance to health, development, and conservation professionals in sub-Saharan Africa on how to plan, coordinate develop and achieve mutually supported WASH and freshwater conservation projects outcomes.

The perception of substantial barriers including few common objectives, stovepipe donor mentality, poor integration monitoring indicators, etc. holds little water as portrayed with this seminal document.

Also included is the full webinar recording (screencast): Click here.

For a press quality version of the report, click here.

Janet Edmond and Colleen Sorto (Conservation International), Sarah Davidson (The Nature Conservancy), John Sauer (Water for People), Dennis Warner (Millennium Water Alliance), Marc Dettman (Global Environment & Technology Foundation), and Jennifer Platt (WASH Advocates)
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