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Open Pit Platinum Mine South AfricaMining has been a major source of income and resultant development for much of Africa. At the same time mining projects have been linked to serious environmental and social concerns. There is tremendous potential to harness Africa's mineral resources as a means of developing the continent's economy, yet there are notable differences in the efficacy of particular mining projects and regional development plans. The MEHA forum is intended to be a means of sharing both positive and negative lessons of individual mining projects across Africa. It is meant to provide a voice to local communities, industry and governments alike regarding projects and initiatives that can collectively improve the performance of the mining sector vis-a-vis environmental and social impact. We encourage submissions from all communities of interest, and will endeavor to provide a fair and objective representation of the projects and their impact. The project also aims to develop a database of organizations that are involved in community development in mining areas to gather data regarding their regional economy and the impact of particular projects.

For more information on the MEHA forum please contact Dr. Saleem Ali, University of Vermont (Saleem.Ali@uvm.edu) or visit his web page at: http://www.uvm.edu/~shali

Visit http://www.uvm.edu/envnr/treasurebook/ for information about Dr. Ali's most recent book, Treasures of the Earth (2009).


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