Private Sector Partnerships


In our increasingly globalized and rapidly changing world, the private sector is firmly established as the engine driving the global economy and, by extension, the environmental impacts of economic activity...

Growing demand for Africa's natural resources means that money is available for exploration and extraction. But it also means more money can become available for responsible, sustainable practices. This depends in part up on the possibility of constructive engagement between conservation, government and industry on better practices. An expanding and increasingly influential private sector requires appropriate conservation tools and approaches to address growing risks to biodiversity.

- Excerpted from Private Sector Partnerships for Conservation

ABCG Meetings

ABCG meetings have examined various benefits and strategies for working with the private sector for conservation outcomes. Information about each of these meetings, including meeting minutes, presentations, documents and helpful links may be found below: 

Relevant Documents

In addition, ABCG's work with the U.S. Agency for International Development's Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support (BATS) program for Africa has produced several documents examining these issues further. Documents include:

Watch this space for more documents and developments as they happen.

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