Madagascar: A 25-year Retrospective on USAID's Environmental Programs on the 8th Continent


Madagascar is home to a striking collection of biodiversity, filled with species found nowhere else in the world. In 25 years of conservation investment and development work, an impressive network of national parks has been formed, the rate of deforestation has been slowed, and the knowledge and understanding of Madagascar’s environment has greatly increased. However, much work remains. A 2009 coup has resulted in the withdrawal of U.S. Government support (and with it many international NGOs working there) and widespread humanitarian and economic decline. At the same time, environmental destruction has been on the rise, including unsustainable logging and bushmeat hunting. This meeting will feature the results of a 25-year review of USAID environmental work in Madagascar and the current situation, as well as exploring several scenarios for future interventions there.

Click here to read the full minutes of the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

9:30     Welcome and introductions
Olivier Langrand, Executive Vice President, Center for Conservation and Government, Conservation International

9:45    Madagascar’s Unique Biodiversity and Conservation Needs
Russell Mittermeier, Ph.D., President, Conservation International

10:00    Results of 25-Year Review of USAID’s Environmental Program in Madagascar
Karen Freudenberger, International Resources Group

Click here to view the striking introduction to the presentation, including music by Razia Said

Click here to view the conclusion to the presentation, including music by Razia Said

10:45     Q&A

11:00     Panel Discussion

  • Nanie Ratsifandrihamanana, Conservation Director, WWF Madagascar & West Indian Ocean
  • James MacKinnon, Technical Director, Conservation International-Madagascar
  • Lisa Gaylord, Country Director, Madagascar, Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Tim Resch, Environmental Officer, Africa Bureau, Office of Sustainable Development, USAID
  • Ashley Marcus, Desk Officer, Country Desk Officer for Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Seychelles, and the Comoros in the USAID Bureau for Africa, Office of East African Affairs

11:30    Discussion

12:15    Wrap up and Next Steps

Read the report here: Paradise Lost? Lessons from 25 Years of USAID Environment Programs in Madagascar.

Additional resources, including minutes of the meeting, presentations and more will be posted here.

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