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1 Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG)  Community
The Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) comprises seven U.S.-based international conservation non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with field programs in Africa. ABCG explores emerging and high priority African conservation issues, shares...
2 ABCG Themes  Topic
ABCG regularly hosts meetings to explore emerging conservation themes, share lessons learned, and look for opportunities for collaboration.   Themes examined include: Addressing Global Climate Change in Through Adaptation and Actions in Woodlands,...
3 Community Based Natural Resources Management: Establishment of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in Tanzania  Document
Presentation given by Gilbert Kajuna, USAID/Tanzania at ABCG/WWFUS brown bag held on May 17, 2011.
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4 5April2012 Shivani_Bhalla Ewaso Lions  Document
Wildlife biologist Shivani Bhalla, a Kenyan national, provided an overview on the Ewaso Lions Project she founded in northern Kenya. Ewaso Lions seeks to reduce the conflict between lions and humans and, thus, arrest the rapid decline of lion...
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5 March2011 Ewaso_Lions Field Report  Document
Ewaso Lions is a grassroots project in northern Kenya whose mission is to promote the conservation of lions through applied research and community-based outreach programmes.
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6 Empowering Communities: Recognizing Land Rights as a Path to Collaboration  Document
Karol Boudreaux presented on emerging land tenure and land governance issues in Africa and focused on large-scale land acquisitions, private-sector investment and the opportunity presented by the adoption of the Voluntary Guidelines on the...
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7 Accelerating integrated community-led conservation in the northern rangelands of Kenya and the upper Tana River Basin  Document
Kenya is rapidly losing its biodiversity and a forest cover as a result of rapid population growth, tremendous land-use changes, poaching, climate change and low competitiveness of conservation as a land use choice, says Charles Oluchina, The Nature...
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8 An Innovative Approach for Community Based Natural Resources Management in the Kafue Ecosystem in Western Zambia  Document
The Kafue Ecosystem in western Zambia is a 16.7 million acre complex of intact woodland and seasonally flooded grasslands that derives its name from the Kafue River. It faces increasing threats from misguided human activity. Government resources for...
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9 Painted Dog—Using Science to Conserve an Endangered Predator  Document
Dr. Rasmussen's lecture delved into the unique ecology of this enigmatic canid including pivotal research understanding; and how by understanding the painted dog in a landscape dominated by negative attitude and misconceptions lead to changing...
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10 Painted Dog—Using Science to Conserve an Endangered Predator: PDF Slideshow  Video
Slide show to accompany Dr. Gregory Rasmussen's presentation saved here: http://frameweb.org/CommunityBrowser.aspx?id=10161
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